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Hello there humans... Welcome to my simple blog. My name Siti Norshakila... U all can call me Ieyla... Now im 21 years old. I was born on 25 November 1989. Asl Pahang, d'besarkan at Terengganu n now at Kelantan, study here in E-Business at Cosmopoint College... I came from mixed blood family, malay, chinese and thai... Im a simple person, slalu senyum, bnyk ckp, ske jln2, shopping, giler music.... Ske baca novel (pnh b'cta2 nk jd seorng novelist.. Ahakzz..) Hot tempered, but cpt sjuk.. Caring???? Blh laa... Hahahaaa... Slain tu pantang tengok camera, msti nk snap!!! Satu lg, perangai cm bdk2, tp penyegan.... Actually, my blog is where i express my feeling and the place where i can be my self... U can read my blog n if u don’t like or hate its, i don’t care...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


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